Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drums and Video

Hey there,

The last couple of weeks have been really busy here at SSS! We tracked drums for the Burma Gospel record, which is called "Armor of God" by the way. Josh Barnaby from The Storied Life ( came over and RAWKED out drums for one of the tracks! Tha-the songwriter, guitar player, and singer approved of Josh's rockedness! The drums sound big and tasty. I'll try to post some clips sometime, somewhere.

Jake Stevens and I finished up another song for a VERY sweet demo-reel video for Custer Studio I'm hoping to post the song and video on the website, when we're finished! Check it out!

Mitch Winden from "Write Stuff Music" and I just finished up a song for Kairos Production Company! A very sweet car-commercial of sorts. Very similar in "feel" to those really hip Cadillac commercials that you see on TV. They do GREAT work and I'm hoping we can write and record more music for them!

Coming up, I'm hoping to offer some Christmas-"Gift Card" Specials. If you know of anyone who wants to do some recording, or wants lessons, or wants to do a coaching session or two; or maybe you would like to record a Christmas song for your friends and family. This is a GREAT gift that KEEPS ON GIVING, which is really cool! Let me know if you have any interest in a gift card!

I hope everyone is doing well! Keep up the good work and keep your heads up!



Monday, October 5, 2009

Juleus and Project for Burma

Hey all!

I've been working on a couple of cool projects. Number 1 is Mike Church's new band (former guitarist and singer of Still Remains), Juleus. I'm editing vocals, adding some cool effects and sounds, and mixing their new song "The Clearance"! It's a totally BAD-A song! You can check them out at: Number 2 is this really great guy I met in Recording class. He came to America from Burma 10 years ago and started a church for Burmese refugees and is recording an album to send to Burma. Christianity is strictly prohibited in Burma. Their hope is to integrate these Burmese Gospel songs into the underground Christian Youth Groups. They have very little positive media in Burma for the youth. Basically I'm taking over the project for them. Recording, engineering, producing, mixing, and mastering! Very cool! If you are interested in supporting either of these projects in any way, let me know! We're all starving artists just trying to get our art out there!

Until next time!

Be Blessed and thanks for stopping by!