Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hey All,

Getting ready to knock out a couple new 256 songs in the studio! Meo, the drummer came over today and we started on scratch tracks with a click so he has a reference and next week we'll start recording dem drums!! ooooooooohhhhh can't wait!!! Keep your ears and eyes open for the new stuff!! Aslo, Mitch and I from the Effort have been working on a new April In The D song for this year's contest. We're hoping to knock that out tomorrow and getting into the contest!! weeeeeee!! Have a great Feb. all and talk soon!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drum Recording!!!!

Hey All,

Sound Street has been busy! Doing what? Recording drums!! If you or your band need good sounding drum recordings and a good drummer; all the mics and preamps to do a great drum recording, let us know!! 100 bux a song or we'll make you a deal if you're doing 2 or more songs.

Soon I'll be adding samples of drum recordings and sounds that we've been working on!

Contact us!