Friday, November 6, 2009

Ah November!

Hey all you music listening rock n' rollers out there!

Just checkin' in to say "HI" from Sound Street! The wheels are really turnin' here at SSS these last couple of weeks. We're still in process of recording and editing drums for Armor of God, the Burma Mission record. Chris Wilson, the GREAT Chris Wilson came over on wed of this past week and rocked out one of the songs called Thianglo. It's a 4/4 tune that sounds very similar to a Jeremy Camp number. Chris NAILED the whole song first take. We went back and did a 2nd take just to have options. Sounds GREAT!

In other news, Christmas is approaching and I've had a couple of folks take me up on the Christmas present deal! Sara and Jess called me and said they wanted to record a Christmas Album for their families, this year. They're doing their own arrangements of traditional Christmas songs with just Piano and Violin! Very cool! I'm really excited about this project, cause I think it's just going to sound AMAZING! Tuesday I'll be bringing my mobile recording studio over to Fairhaven Church in Jenison to lay down the 13 tracks. I'll import that tracks to my Pro Tools Rig-edit, mix, and master them so they can be duplicated and handed out! Very cool! I'll post samples on the site!

Well, back to work! Keep in touch, give me feedback, ideas, thoughts, whatever you want! I'm here!